Thank you for being a part of Water Missions International’s Walk for Water. Together, our steps will save lives!

Every day, millions of women and children in developing countries walk miles to retrieve water for their family's daily needs. In most cases, even after their long, difficult, and tiring trek, the water they have to drink is contaminated. Not only is water extremely heavy, many times the journey can be dangerous due to kidnappers, wild animals and rough terrains.

Thankfully, Water Missions International is changing this situation for people all around the world! Through the partnership of individuals, businesses, churches, and others, we are transforming lives through the gift of safe and Living Water.

The walk begins with an empty bucket, symbolizing the trek that millions take each day to fetch water. Halfway through the walk, you will fill your bucket with water and complete the journey. Following the walk, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Water Missions International, enjoy great food from the many food vendors, and listen to great music while making new friends.

The walk is a family-friendly, non-competitive, event. Funds raised will support safe water community development projects.

Thank you for your support! Sign up now!