2019 Charleston Walk for Water

Last year's difference makers! Can we count on you?!
Last year's difference makers! Can we count on you?!

Team SOA

Team SOA is joining together to make a difference. Will you join us?
This year in our 7th grade English classes, we learned the struggles that millions of people have to walk miles and miles every day just for water, something most of us take for granted. Most of the time, the water they can find is contaminated and makes them sick. After we took a field trip and walked to Water Mission headquarters to learn about all they were doing to help these people, we decided to help!

By partnering with Water Mission, we are changing lives, one community at a time through sustainable safe water solutions. Each dollar raised by this event is going to make an impact through a safe water community development project! We hope you'll consider supporting our team by making a donation or registering to walk with us.

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