2019 Charleston Walk for Water

Crosby Team 2019


We have set a goal of $2,500 this year for the walk to set the bar higher in order to help more lives with clean water.  This is a team effort that truly needs everyone's donation to meet this goal. We can't do it without your help both finanicially and by participating in the actual walk on 3-30-19. Please help us meet this goal.

The walk is so much fun esepcially when you have a team.  Last year, it was beautiful chilly weather in the morning and by 9:30am, we were taking off our jackets and enjoying the sunshine.  The walk along the Navy Base is beautifu and to see all these people working together to raise money for clean water, was inspiring.The more Crosby Team, the better.

Please register each one individually so you can get a tee shirt. We truly appreaciate you taking the time to register, donate and commit to walking with us on 3-30-19. We'll be at the CROSBY TEAM booth.  See you then!

If there are any questions I can answer or assist with the website, please reach out to me.


Thanks again everyone,


Trudy Crosby


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