Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Walk for Water?
Every day, millions of women and children in developing countries walk nearly 4 miles to retrieve water to their family's daily needs. In most cases, even after walking for miles and miles, the water they have to drink is contaminated. Our Walk will simulate this trek to raise awareness for the global water crisis here in our community. Each participant will start the Walk with an empty bucket. About half way through they will fill that bucket with Water and complete the remainder of the course. We hope that all participants end the Walk with an understanding of what people go through around the world to get something that we take for granted water.

What day is the Walk for Water?
Saturday, September 16, 2017. 

What time does the Walk begin?
Registration and pre-registered check-ins closes at 9:00am. Opening ceremony to follow.

Where will the actual Walk be?
The walk will be starting and ending at Upper Landing, but the walk will be along the river following Shepard Rd to Lower Landing Park.

When does online registration close?
12:00pm, noon, on Friday September 15, 2017

How much does registration cost?

Adults: $20.00 (Ages 18+)

Students: $15.00 (Ages 15-21)

Youth/Children: Free (Ages 14 and under)

Can I register the morning of the Walk?
Yes. Day of Registration is:

Adults: $25.00 (Ages 18+)

Students: $20.00 (Ages 15-21)

Youth/Children: Free (Ages 14 and under)

Where do we park?

See map here. Get your parking coupon here

How do I get a company match for my registration or time at the Walk?
Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Please check with your company to see if it offers a matching gift program that will match your gift or volunteer hours. We thank our sponsor partners that offer this benefit including Pentair.

What do I get with my registration?
Registrations provides a bucket to use, shirt, day-of snacks and entertainment/activities at the Walk for Water.

How long is the Walk route?
About 3 miles

What is this event like?
After opening ceremonies, every participant will take a 2-Gallon bucket (provided for use at the event) and begin to walk a three mile route. Half way through the route, walkers fill their bucket with dirty water and carry it back to the park. The walk is symbolic of the walk that women and children make every single day to collect unsafe water.

Do I have to fill my bucket to the top?
You can fill the bucket to your desired level. If you do not feel you can complete the walk with a bucket, you are welcome to walk without one.

Is the event appropriate for children?
Absolutely! Not only is it a great opportunity to teach children about the global water crisis, but there will also be many family-friendly activities on top of the Walk itself. The Walk route is stroller-friendly, so feel free to bring the entire family!

Where does the money go?
Sponsorships and donations received for the Walk for Water will support Water Mission's response to the global water crisis through sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions around the world. For a more detailed financial breakdown, visit

Are my donations, or the donations of any of my friends and family members, tax deductible?
Yes! Water Mission is a 501(c)(3) organization. At the time of the online donation, all credit card donors should receive a confirmation by email that can serve as receipt for tax purposes. Cash and check donations can also receive a receipts as long as personal contact information is clearly included when Water Mission receives the donation. All donation types will be accepted onsite at the Walk.

I can’t make the Walk, but would love to show some support. How can I do that?
You can donate toward our fundraising goal by clicking here, or clicking the Donate button under the banner on the home page. From there you can choose to support a specific walker, one of our teams or just make a general donation.

Can my dog (or other pets) walk for water?
Absolutely! We look forward to meeting your furry friends. Please just keep them on a leash.

What if I registered as an individual but want to join a team?
Contact Jessica Buhler at to join a team, or if you have any other registration questions.

Forgot your log in information (username/password)?
Contact Jessica Buhler at

Still have questions?
Email Lauren Lupkowski at