2018 Silicon Valley Discipleship Walk for Water

Thrivent Community

Welcome to our team, Thrivent Community!

We look forward to walking with you on Saturday, September 29 as we participate in the 4th Annual Silicon Valley Discipleship Walk for Water. Whether you are a returning walker or are new to our team, we thank you for your support!

BECAUSE OF YOU: Together we have raised over $400,000 since St. Timothy's first started walking for water in 2014!

BECAUSE OF YOU: Children are no longer dying from lack of access to clean water in communities in Indonesia, Haiti, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Mexico. Clean water has been provided in Nepal after their devastating 2015 earthquake. South Sudanese refugees are experiencing hope in the Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda.

BECAUSE OF YOU: The Living Water message and the authentic kind of love that can only be experienced through the presence of the Holy Spirit are being shared in those same communities!

Because of our Community, we can help another Community in need! Thank you for your contributions!




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