Hach Walk for Water Project Updates 

Over the past four years, the Hach Walk for Water has raised funds for various water projects in communities all over the world. 

2014: Munami, Kenya 

Penina Shikuku (School Teacher): "Students don't have to go out of the school during dry spells in search of water, thus, the girls don't suffer harassment from villagers.​ As a school, we are saving money that was previously used to purchase drugs for treatment of waterborne diseases at the school dispensary. Time management among students has really helped improve academic performance."

Thanks to your dedication, the village of Munami now is healthier and happier.
Time previously spent gathering water can now be used to study, and learn new trades. 

2015: Kunya, Kenya


 The community of Kunya is home to 5,600 people. Because of safe water, the village no longer struggles with typhoid. They acknowledge that the water treatment project has unified their community and
given them a chance to excel financially, physically and mentally. 

2016: Huta Ginjang, Indonesia

Huta Ginjang Comish

Huta Ginjang

Huta Ginjang is a community of 2,130 people. They are thankful to Hach for their commitment to provide safe water to their community. Their systems are fully operational and safe water will give them a chance to access water only steps from their homes. 

2017: Santa Clotilde, Peru

Santa Clotilde

The safe water project in Santa Clotilde is underway to provide safe water to the community.
This will give access to a school, marketplace, and various homes in the area. 

2017: Andot, Cambodia


Assessment is finished and the safe water committee is meeting with the village to explain the project and finalize a budget plan.
They are currently looking for a borehole driller to commence the safe water treatment system construction. 

Water Mission is thankful for our continuing partnership with Hach and we hope you will enjoy the updates, knowing the impact you have made.