In Summer 2017, Scotty Parker will ride his bike across the country to raise money for safe water. He will ride from the Santa Monica Pier in California to Water Mission’s Headquarters in North Charleston, South Carolina. The ride will be 3,270 miles and will take just over 8 weeks. By supporting Scotty’s efforts for Water Mission, you are joining a community of passionate people around the world who see the valuable lives being lost every day and know that we cannot allow this to continue. Water Mission invests in the future by empowering communities around the world, providing them with the most basic necessity for survival: safe water.


$100,000 Match

Earlier in Scotty's fundraiser, he received a $100,000 match from an anonymous donor, through In His Steps Foundation. As you can imagine, that match motivated donors to give generously. We were all blown away when Scotty's fundraising efforts met the full $100,000 match. Scotty and his team are so grateful to In His Steps and their anonymous donor. 


UPDATE: We're excited to announce that Scotty has another $100,000 match challenge through an anonymous donor from his church, Northwood Church. If and when that $100,000 is matched, Scotty will be soaring past his original fundraising goal of $500,000! If you're reading this, there is still "match money" on the table, which means your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. That means a $5 donation = $10, a $20 donation = $40, a$1,000 donation = $2,000, etc.


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